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Breast Cancer Charity

early detection is key!

You can, We can Fight Cancer Together


The Sarah Ayoka Oduwaiye Foundation (SAOF), a cancer charity, was established in Nigeria in 2008, with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

The foundation was established by Doctor Olayinka Oduwaiye in honour of his late mother, who tragically lost her battle with cancer. This personal loss inspired the creation of SAOF, with the mission of raising awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection.

SAOF is dedicated to educating individuals on the significance of detecting cancer in its early stages, as early detection can greatly improve treatment outcomes and, in some cases, lead to a cure. SAOF aims to ensure that everyone comprehends the critical nature of early cancer detection and treatment.
We must know that there are many ways that people can advocate for early detection.

One of the most effective ways is education and spreading information about cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.  SAOF prioritizes cancer education by using the Top to the Bottom approach. This is done through rural community awareness, social media, public speaking engagements, conferences, health symposiums, hosting cancer informational events and partnerships with federal and state ministries of health.

Our Mission

To raise cancer awareness in Nigeria, especially in rural areas, SAOF focuses on breast cancer education, early detection, and support. With help from sponsors and well-wishers, we aim to eradicate breast cancer. Our diverse team includes students, professionals, and survivors who receive tailored training. Volunteers engage in education, awareness campaigns, and supporting those affected by breast cancer, including survivors and their families.

Our vision

To provide counselling, orientation, screening and support to cancer patients across Nigeria and Africa as a whole

We are passionate about respect, accountability, innovation, cooperation, integrity, compassion, empathy, partnership, and service to humanity.

In pursuit of its mission, SAOF Nigeria has implemented a new operational structure, including the appointment of a board of trustees to provide strategic leadership and guidance. This strategic move underscores the organization’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance.

SAOF Cancer Charity, a prominent organization dedicated to combating the alarming lack of cancer awareness in Nigeria, stands at the forefront of a crucial battle to educate and empower communities. With a mission centred on enhancing public understanding of cancer and its prevention, SAOF Cancer Charity has been a beacon of hope in a landscape where misconceptions and limited access to healthcare facilities have hindered progress. This article delves into the intricate web of challenges faced by Nigeria in the realm of cancer awareness, highlighting the vital role played by SAOF Cancer Charity in bridging the gap and advocating for a future where timely diagnosis and treatment are accessible to all.

 Furthermore, the SAOF Nigeria chapter has been actively engaged in various initiatives, such as establishing a research group, organizing fundraising events, and hosting an award night. Through a focus on community development and empowerment, the SAOF Nigeria chapter is making a positive impact on society.

These are the foundations upon which SAOF Cancer Charity and all of its employees work, acting as a guide for how we treat those who have encounters with us.

Everyone is important; we value and trust one another. We are inquisitive and innovative, expanding and investigating to provide solutions that truly make a difference. Our Empowerment support cuts across cancer awareness. We are actively involved in social development support and make every day count by expanding and sharing our expertise and letting our passion shine through.

Together, we strive to support individuals and communities in maintaining good health and reducing the number of families affected by the devastating impact of cancer.

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