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Breast Cancer Charity


You can, We can Fight Cancer Together

The Sarah Ayoka Oduwaiye Foundation, has forged impactful partnerships with various esteemed organizations, including the Rotary Club of Ikoyi, May and Baker, RAJRAB, and Emzor, who generously provide essential drugs during health outreach programs. These partnerships have been instrumental in bolstering SAOF’s efforts to deliver crucial medical services to underserved communities across Nigeria. Moreover, collaborations with entities like the National Health Service (NHS) UK have facilitated the provision of reading materials, enhancing educational resources for communities served by SAOF.

These partnerships have significantly augmented SAOF’s ability to fulfill its mission of promoting health, education, and community development. By joining forces with organizations that share its vision, SAOF has been able to extend its reach, provide vital medical care, distribute educational materials, and foster empowerment among marginalized populations. The support received from partners like the Rotary Club of Ikoyi, May and Baker, RAJRAB, Emzor, and NHS UK has been invaluable in advancing SAOF’s initiatives and making a tangible impact on the lives of individuals and communities throughout Nigeria.

Moving forward, SAOF recognizes the importance of cultivating relationships with additional like-minded partners who are dedicated to social impact. By expanding its network of collaborators, SAOF aims to leverage collective resources, expertise, and influence to address pressing healthcare and educational challenges more comprehensively. Through strategic partnerships with organizations that align with its values and objectives, SAOF seeks to continue its mission of effecting positive change and improving the well-being of individuals across Nigeria and beyond

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help