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Breast Cancer Charity

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Get involved with SAOF’s diverse volunteer community today!

SAOF welcomes you with open arms. Whether your background is in healthcare, education, the arts, or entrepreneurship, or you simply have a passion for making a positive difference, there’s a role for you within SAOF’s volunteer network.

Volunteers at SAOF play a pivotal role in every facet of our operations. From orchestrating outreach initiatives and educational campaigns to providing vital support for cancer patients and their families, each volunteer brings their unique skills and talents to the table.


Through their unwavering dedication and hard work, our volunteers help us extend our reach to underserved communities, amplify awareness about breast cancer, and deliver essential medical assistance to those in need. But volunteering with SAOF is not merely about giving; it’s also about personal growth and fulfilment. Our volunteers have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, acquire new skills, and establish meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re seeking hands-on experience, aiming to make a tangible impact on others’ lives, or simply looking to give back to your community, volunteering with SAOF promises a fulfilling and enriching experience.

SAOF actively recruits volunteers from all walks of life, mirroring the rich diversity of humanity. Whether you’re a student eager to contribute to your community or a seasoned professional looking to give back,

As we persist in our mission to eradicate breast cancer and enhance healthcare accessibility across Africa, we extend an invitation for you to join us.

Together, let’s construct a healthier and brighter future for all.


 Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer and beyond. Join us today and contribute to something truly extraordinary