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18th - 19th May, 2013
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The recent alarm on rising global incidence of cancer by the World Health Organisation (WHO) should worry African countries, including Nigeria, where the disease is most prevalent.

The 2nd SAOF   rural health out-reaches was held on Sat 18th & Sunday 19th of May 2013. The venue was at Lanwa Rural Health Centre, Lanwa village, Kwara state. The program started    at   about 1100hrs and lasted till 1800hrs on the 1st day. We had lots of crowd from Lanwa, Bode Sadu, Oke-oyi, Elebu and other neighboring villages.

The program   commenced with a short talk on the day’s program  and patients were   directed to consultant rooms to see doctors  and nurse   for a  quick health assessment  and  medication were issued as needed . All mothers with kids were also given Mosquitoes nets as  a part  of  Malaria prevention program

At 1300hrs   Dr Lola Akande, Matron Grace Adekoya  ( SAOF friends) arrived  from UCH  Ibadan  to join the medical faculty for the work shop. The Matron gave a 3 hour health awareness talk of Health promotion and Breast Cancer awareness with posters and other medical illustrations from Public health  unit of UCH Ibadan. This caught the attention of most of the people at the workshops.

In the evening, a courtesy visit was made to the head of Lanwa Village with Alhaji Oseni, Pa Oye Oduwaiye, Mr Dele oduwaiye, sumaila Oseni, Dr Sola   Adesiyun and Dr Yinka Oduwaiye. He was briefed on the mission to Lanwa- in furtherance of the SAOF   breast cancer activities in Nigeria. Our mission is to promote health awareness   generally and cancer prevention in particular within the   Local communities.  Magida -the Village head was really impressed about this and prayed for the success of SAOF Programme.

The program continued the next day with both Dr Yinka  Oduwaiye and  Dr  Yinka Sayomi seeing patients.   A health talk titled LOOKING AFTER YOUR SELF was given in the afternoon session.